19 December 2008

I thought it was a bit quiet…

1043922_network_neurons_1 Rule of thumb is: when you make changes to your blog – no matter how small the change may appear to be – always, ALWAYS test it before you run off into the wild again.

I unfortunately forgot this recently when I changed the way the comments on this blog work, with the result that it has been impossible to leave comments on this blog. *hangs head in shame*

I have fixed it all up now (I hope).

Looking forward to hearing from you again :)


tenderhooligan said...

Isn't the whole idea of having a host like blogger or wordpress that you don't have to worry about things like that? Or is it different when you actually host them yourself?

Vanessa said...

It is kinda, but when you fiddle with bits that you don't quite understand, it is possible still to break things, even on Blogger.

Oh, and this blog is still hosted on Blogspot, even if it is using my domain name.

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