23 December 2008

The Dining Room

We have finally finished putting the dining room back together. We still have a couple of things we want to do, but they are mostly cosmetic, like putting a thick (black wooden) frame around the mirror and respray the fireplace. But, for now, it is done, and we are incredible pleased with the end product.

We picked up the chairs from my mother’s house yesterday, and they actually fit so well with the overall look. They need a bit of attention (glue and so on), but they are lovely.


The feature wall turned out even better than expected. IMAGE_682

My sword finally has a safe resting place and the copper plates against the azure wall are just so beautiful.


On the mantel, I arranged some of our vases, which look absolutely fantastic against the azure wall (especially when they are clean). We also placed an assortment of the Egyptian-themed ornaments.


I found a lovely canvas magazine rack at a local decor shop for next to nothing, which works very nicely to hold all my cook books.


We also put up Quentin’s Stargate dagger finally, as well as the pretty pewter ornament with no name.


To tie the dining room and the kitchen together, we used the left-over paint and painted the kitchen cupboards. My dad also donated brass door-knobs, which were a welcome replacement for the ugly wooden ones we had there before. I have a bit of work left on the kitchen, but that will only really happen in March 2009.

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