1 November 2008

A successful writing session

165729_fingers_work A successful writing session, for me, goes something like this:

Sit down in front of the computer, and open Word.

Realise I need to just update Facebook and Twitter, to tell the world that I am, indeed, writing.

Return to Word.

Realise that I am sitting on my foot, cutting off the circulation. Oh look, that toe is almost purple. It is so pretty. Hmm, maybe I need to be more comfortable. Re-arrange myself until I am comfortable.

Return to Word, and read the last sentence I wrote.

Hmmm… I am hungry. Can’t write on an emtpy stomach. Go find something to eat. Cereal is just too easy, and, anyway, I don’t like it. I need some real food. Start preparing small, nutricious meal (like fish fingers or mini pizza). About half-way through cooking, another family member will join me in the kitchen to inform me that they, too, are hungry. Spend the next five minutes debating wether they are hungry enough for a large meal. Start over in the kitchen, preparing a meal to feed the entire family. Return to computer with plate in hand.

Decide that I may as well reboot while I am eating, as it is hard to type with a fork and knife in hand.

Open Word.

Double check current word count, and read through previous paragraph.

Wrestle out a sentence. Check word count again. Get depressed because it only added 12 words to word count.

Spend 5 minutes motivating myself to continue, and then decide to blog about it instead. Write a 300 word blog entry about it, and convince myself that if I can write a blog entry, I can write a paragraph for the story.

Find a small snack to nibble on while I wrestle out a 400 word paragraph. Update Twitter and Facebook to let the world know just how awesome I am.

Fellow South African and all round awesome writer Cat said that writing must be the most bipolar career on the planet. I am not sure, re-reading my methodology explained like this, I would agree with her *wink*


Anonymous said...

Ha, yes, that's pretty much my process too! :)

Vanessa said...

@tenderhooligan: it is amazing we ever get anything done *grin*

Anonymous said...

So true! But we always get there in the end! :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I usually find that a load of washing needs to be done. Now. Then I see the dog's water bowl is empty, but has to be washed first. I can't wash it with cups in the sink, so I start washing up. But there's no dishwashing liquid. So I go to the shops - checking first what else is needed in the house. By the time I get back an hour later, emails have arrived, and they must be responded to immediately, of course. Then the phone rings. And I'm off on yet another tangent...


I haven't done the reboot thing yet though. Thanks for the idea!

Vanessa said...

@dustymuffin: rebooting is a wonderful procrastination enabler :)
I must remember to add feeding the animals to my list - thanks for that one!

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