18 November 2008

Snippet #2

Again, totally random and completely unedited. A snippet.

“Yes. This is my planet,” she said and glowed. “My parents bought it for me as a graduation present last year. It is mine to do with as I please.” She switched the platform to move parallel to the ground. As they moved slowly over the ocean of trees, she said “So, I was thinking and I know exactly what I would like to do here. This planet needs a couple of mountain ranges, maybe one over there,” she pointed to their left, “and some lakes. We can maybe create an ocean surrounding a large continent, like a large island. And give them the island. We can create another large continent surrounding the island, and live there, where we can do as we please. And I will build an office up there, just to keep it separate from our lives. And we can live here in peace. No-one will come and bother us, ever.”

“This sounds too good to be true,” he grinned, and ruffled her hair. It felt good to be outside in the sunshine, away from the firm grip Poppy had on him, and away from that clinical lab. And then, this planet came like a gift from, well, himself, really.

He could picture the oceans. He remembered the sights on earth, and wondered if he could recreate some of that, and, heaven forbid, even improve some of it. He smiled, stretched out his arms and took a deep breath. She glowed and put her arms around him. This was good. He kissed her again on her forehead. Again, too slow she turned up her face towards him. He saw the disappointment on her face, leant down and pecked her on the lips.

The platform came to a standstill on the border of night and day. She pulled away from him to look where they were.

“This is as good a place as any,” she said. “Let's go down, set up a work camp, and get cracking.”


Anonymous said...

I love it! I really like this girl character - you have written her well.
Damn. I so know I am not going to do any studying now. I want to go home and read your first book until it is, well, finished.

Anonymous said...

@emm: thank you thank you thank you. I am really enjoying her too... she is like a breath of disney in my head *grin*

Anonymous said...

Disney is always good!

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