18 October 2008

Rosemary air

The past couple of weeks have been incredibly dry and hot here. Every now and again, clouds would whisk past and wave a little hello, but we have had absolutely no rain, until yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon, the thunder and lightning returned, and we were treated with some good rain.

This morning, when I opened the window above our bed, all I could smell is rosemary. You see, this is the view from our bedroom:


This is the view from the other side.


I think the rosemary may be a little over-grown, but I really don’t mind. It means that I always have rosemary available for whatever I may possibly need it for. It also means that, every time I open my bedroom window after a rain storm, the air is rosemary scented.

I write in the bedroom most of the time. I have a little table that is the perfect height for next to the bed, and I sit on the bed (head next to the window to maximise rosemary intake). This is my laptop (in dire need of a clean, as I see the lens on my camera is too):


And this is the little pile of books on my bed side table. I have read at least one page of each book.


I have read The Little Prince several times, and it is almost a permanent fixture on my bed side table these days. The others I am hoping to finish in the next couple of weeks, in between NaNo, writing exams and everything else that happens at this time of the year.

What does your writing space look like?

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