16 October 2008

News - South Africa: Salary hikes for politicians


The Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers has recommended a general increase in salary, allowances, and benefits of 11 percent effective from April 1, 2008, for all public office bearers.
In terms of this, President Kgalema Motlanthe's total package will increase to R2 107 224 a year, that of Deputy President Baleka Mbete to R1 896 546, Cabinet ministers R1 612 053, and deputy ministers R1 327 560 a year.
The leader of the opposition will get R1 043 067 and ordinary MPs will receive R714  a year.
The premiers of the nine provinces will receive R1 517 259, MECs R1 327 560, and MPLs R691 641 a year.
The commission recommended a total salary package of R840 159 a year for executive mayors and mayors, R680 985 for deputy mayors, R641 247 for municipal MECs, and R322 899 for councillors.

Full time traditional leaders can expect total remuneration ranging from R786 080 (kings) to R144 189 (senior traditional leaders) a year.
The commission also recommended a total package of R1 896 546 a year for the Chief Justice, R1 706 847 for the Deputy Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA), while Constitutional Court and SCA Judges will get R1 517 259.
It recommended that High Court Judge Presidents receive R1  a year, their deputies R1 327 560, and judges R1 232 766.
A special grade chief magistrate, regional court president, and divorce court president will get R853,479 a year, and a regional magistrate, chief magistrate, and divorce court presiding officer R758 574.
The recommendation for senior magistrates is R625 818 a year and for magistrates R568 986.
Briefing the media, commission chairman Dikgang Moseneke said it was also being recommended that an MP or MPL who had served a period of five years or less should not be entitled to a pension.
Instead, such a person should receive a "once-off terminal payment" equal to 45 percent of pensionable salary for every year of service.
AN MP or MPL who had served more than five years and whose term of office had ended would be entitled to a once-off gratuity equal to four months pensionable salary for every five years of service or a pro-rata part of the five year period.
The non-taxable allowance of R40 000 a year for MPs and MPLs should also be increased to R120 000, Moseneke said.
The recommendations now have to be approved by Motlanthe and by Parliament. - Sapa

News - South Africa: Salary hikes for politicians

This is exactly how a responsible politician behaves when the country’s economy is in crisis – increase the already exorbitant salaries. *applauds*

Long live the pigs that are more equal than others. *vomit*

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