11 October 2008

8 ways to avoid studying

1067469_smile I had so much fun writing the 8 ways to avoid writing list this morning (as part of my avoiding the studying thing), that I figured I may need an 8 things to do to avoid studying list.

Essentially, they could be the same list, but avoiding studying for a technical exam has a couple of other features too.

1. Spend hours debating why certifications really don’t mean much any more. Once you have convinced yourself, take the discussion on-line.

2. Use the formula for calculating availability to try and balance your budget for the last six years. Decide it is a good time to revisit ITIL anyway.

3. Try and work out the wind speed velocity of an african swallow carrying a coconut, using subnetting principles.

4. Update your clip art for blogging folder. Make sure each folder is labelled correctly with the source, theme and date downloaded. Realise you didn’t credit some of the sources correctly in your blog, so you sift through every entry on every blog to ensure each picture source is correctly credited.

5. Write short stories involving Yoda, Indiana Jones and Bill Gates. Spend hours berating yourself for the technical inconsistencies in each story.

6. Design the ultimate geek home. Then look for real estate that could accommodate the project and work out estimates on how much such a build will cost.

7. Depressed because you cannot build your dream home, decide to clean your own one instead. Spend hours planning the most optimal cleaning spree, with Powerpoint presentations and Visio diagrams.

8. Make insane lists and write blog entries about frivoloties, ignoring the nagging voice on your shoulder about the exam that is looming the next morning. You remember spending hours and hours in front of your computer, surely something must have seeped in somewhere along the line.

Needless to say, I am preparing for another exam. I am writing 70-293 (Planning and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure) on Wednesday. May the schwarz be with me :D

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