14 September 2008

Spore addicts unite

Indeed. I have spent the ENTIRE week-end playing Spore, and have made it to the Civilisation phase. This game is just so much fun. My husband and daughter both agree, and have been as glued as I have.

I cannot decide what is more fun though: creating the creatures, creating your population’s look and feel, or just generally watching them jump around.

I played, like a good girl, from amoeba to tribal phase, and then decided to start a new game, jumping right in at the tribal phase, so I could design my own creature from scratch with everything available to me.

I played around with the look for a while, until I decided on this one:




And these are some of the buildings for this civilisation:

Butterfly HallPapilio DomicilumPapilio Hilare


I am curious to reach the space age, so I may just sneak in a couple of hours here and there this week.

1 comment:

Emm said...

Note to self: do not, under any circumstances, start playing Spore. Do not make the same mistake you made with Sudoku and promise not to start playing it only to get hopelessly addicted.
/note to self.

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