20 September 2008

Bloggy things, Catch of the Week

Quote of the day:
Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.
- Edgar Allan Poe


IMAGE_334 If you are a regular visitor to this blog, you may notice that I have given it a little bit of a facelift. While I loved the template I used, it was just not completely me. I decided that it was about time I start playing around with my own graphics again, and this was the result. I used a Wordle picture to create the header (as well as the new icon at Entrecard). I have also updated Scribbles with the same theme, to tie the two blogs together more closely.

I have been thinking recently of moving to a hosted blog – either Wordpress based, or something else - and, having spent the day helping my mother set up her hosted WP blog, the conversion will probably happen sooner rather than later. For me, the biggest attraction of the self-hosted (or hosted) option is the flexibility in appearance. While Blogger (and Blogspot) offers a fair amount of flexibililty (more than a Wordpress-hosted WP blog), it feels like it is time to move back to my own space.

And my need for my own space is very much related to the idea of building the personal brand. Joanna Young over at Confident Writing had a great article this week on building your personal brand, and, in turn, linked to the Chris Brogan e-book on the topic. And whether you are a writer trying to establish yourself, or a new online entrepreneur, the personal brand has become as important as the corporate one, if not more so.

And, since querying and query letters are very much on my mind again at the moment, this post about the Query Project is right up my alley. Now, to just convince myself to actually start sending it out.

And, lastly, Lenin Nair over at Cute Writing asks the very important question: Are you writing for Money? Or for passion?. I have had this discussion on different occassions with different people who write in some way or another, and have often been lambasted for suggesting one should write primarily for the love of writing - making money should be secondary. Of course it would be nice to make money from doing someone you love, but it should not become the core focus of the activity.

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