19 July 2008

We’re not normal…

With the weather not being optimal for outdoor activities at the moment, we have found ourselves huddled inside. Today, we are all three sitting in our bed, each with our own laptop, exploring the interwebs and all the wonders it brings.

Sinead is back at school again. She got her Natural Science project back this week. Her topic was *ta-da* cats, and she scored a nice 72% for it (and would have scored more had she remembered to add the additional information she spent days surfing LOLCats for). We will only be getting her report card from last term on the 8th of August, so, watch this space *grin*

I am off to Tech-ed at the beginning of August. Quentin is convinced he is also going, but still has to convince the powers at his work that this is, indeed, the case. Again, watch this space.

Sinead and I have both recently signed up for Goodreads accounts. We are still updating our bookshelves, and I suspect this will take a little but I will add the RSS feeds in the side bar here, so you can always see what we are reading :)

And I leave you today with a picture of Frank and his bunny.


1 comment:

Sinead said...

frank looks very cuuute. almost a lol cat.love u mom and dad. meow. love from sinead

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