14 July 2008

Migrating from Wordpress to blogger

Migrating from Wordpress to Blogger is not a simple, straight-forward dance.

If you read the Blogger help groups, you will be told that all you need to do is export your blog in Wordpress as an XML file, and import it. Easy as Waltz.

If you try this, however, you will realise that Wordpress uses a non-standard XML format, which Blogger doesn’t read. They each dance to their own beat.

So, a converter is suggested, but no mention is made of one. Anywhere.

Finally, while searching for a method to export my Live Spaces blog to XML (a feature that is remarkable lacking from the otherwise wonderful Live Spaces service), I came across the lifesaver. The universal dance chart of blog conversions: Blog2Blog.

Do not let the Linux header put you off. Blog2Blog is a .Net application (which means it will run on all Windows platforms, provided they have been updated with at least the .Net framework 2) and is super-simple to use.

You can use it to retrieve your blog entries from Livejournal (or compatible), Blogger or Wordpress, and then publish them to Blogger, Livejournal (or compatible), Live Spaces or Wordpress.


Just a note: if you do migrate to Blogger, note that Blogger has a 50 post per day limit, so if you have more than 50 posts to import, you will need to do it in batches.


Emm said...

This was a complete 'doh!' moment for me - I remember you doing this now that you reminded me! Do you ever miss Wordpress?

Vanessa said...

@emm: *grin*
I don't ever miss WP, really. Blogger gives me far more flexibility than the WP.com site ever did. I have been considering signing up for a self-hosted WP blog, and to merge them all into one, but I am still not sure. I have also been toying with writing my own again.
My ideal blogging platform will be a combo between Blogger and LJ, quite frankly. Never quite seen what all the fuss with WP is all about.

Emm said...

Well it worked but I still haven't made a decision. There is just so much to do with it and I need to study, not play around with my blogs!!! I want the blog to have the same address (missus-emm.com/wp) which means that I need to make a decision! Maybe I will just set up a forward for now.

Vanessa said...

@emm: Luckily, there is no need to rush. Now, get off the interwebs and go study!!

Emm said...

I promise I just came downstairs for a pee, some tea and to check my inbox. But yes, will go back to study now.

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