7 June 2008

Some bloggy things

Picasa is driving me nuts at the moment. I can post pictures to it for my other blogger blogs, but, with this one, it would seem like the pictures only show up half the time. I am not sure if it is the Livewriter-Blogger-Picasa combo, or if it is the custom domain on Blogger combo, but it is simply driving me nuts, especially because I like to decorate my posts these days with pictures. I can upload my pictures to Facebook, and then use the FB plug-in for Livewriter to add pictures, but that is an extra step, and then I cannot prettify the pictures on the fly.

In fact, I am starting to think that Blogger is not happy over-all with me having my own domain, as my Google Analytics and Adsense don't seem to be working properly recently either - since about the time I swapped over. I am contemplating moving to Wordpress for this blog, but I would first like to try and fix the problem. I will only move if the problem is not fixable.

I am planning a couple of technical kind of posts for writers over the next couple of weeks (time permitting). I have a couple of topics in mind, and would like your feedback, so, *ta-da* I give you the power today to voice your opinion.

Suggested topics:

  • Google docs and how it works
  • Web hosting and how it works
  • Writing about IT/tech for non-IT geeks
  • Using web technologies to build social networks when you are shy (like me)
  • Using search engines to the max

Everything high-tech I have tried recently here has failed me terribly, so I am going the low tech way and asking you to leave your votes in the comments section.


tenderhooligan said...

I don't know but the flash thing you have in this entry kills my FF. I have to tell it to disable the script!

Sharon Lippincott said...

Without knowing the topics, it's hard to have an opinion, but in general, I'm up for geek talk.

The flash thing isn't working for me either, not even on my Linux machine. Good luck with Blogger.

Vanessa said...

My apologies - I must be having a tech stupid week. I have disabled the poll and replaced with text.

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