11 May 2008

Word counts and other thoughts

Everything that lives, Lives not alone, nor for itself.
--William Blake

For quite some time now, I have dreamt about a little house, isolated from human existence, where I can sit and write at a desk that overlooks the ocean. Somehow, I believed I would write better stories without the influence of direct contact with other human beings.

But I am slowly realising that, without the other human beings, there will be no stories. Of course, the big story lines are born from the realm of the imagination, but I know most characters are based on people I have met throughout my life. I would still like to be able to write in that ocean-viewed location, but I no longer think I need to isolate myself from the human race.

I have made some headway with Frank, and finished chapter 11 and most of chapter 12 yesterday. Chapter 11 is all new, because of the change of the chronology of the story. New words written totals around 3000 words. I have been procrastinating, and my writing time recently has been limited due to work and other life commitments, but I have set myself a firm deadline now to be at least 60% through by the end of May.

Baby and me.

So much for sending the query letters out in April *grin*



Today is mother's day. I will be spending the day with two of my favourite writely kind of people: my mother and my daughter. I hope you all have a special mother's day too.

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