11 May 2008


I was given a copy of Moxyland to read today (but I have to give it back *sob*). I read the first page in the car, and cannot wait to get my teeth into it.


Art-school dropout Kendra brands herself for a nanotech marketing program; Lerato, an ambitious Aidsbaby, plots to defect from her corporate employers; Tendeka, a hot-headed activist, is becoming increasingly rabid; and roguish blogger Toby discovers that the video games he plays for cash are much more – the narrators of Moxyland are on a collision course that will rewire their lives and the future of Cape Town.

Moxyland crackles with bold and infectious ideas, connecting a ruthless corporate-apartheid government with video games, biotech attack dogs, slippery online identities, a township soccer school, shocking cellphones, addictive branding, and genetically modified art.

A frighteningly persuasive high-tech fable for South Africa.

‘A technicolour, jazzy rollercoaster ride into a dazzling hell. Like A Clockwork Orange, it has the makings of a cult success.’ – André Brink

‘Moxyland is funny, gritty, imaginative and ultimately deeply disturbing. A politically-charged urban thriller that will leave you wanting more.’ – Obrigado Magazine

‘A chilling futuristic parable of branding and consumption. Lauren Beukes breaks new literary ground with effortless hipness.’ – Margie Orford

Of course I want to read it because the story appeals to me.

But, it also promises more. It is South African fiction that is not really political. Maybe our market is truly growing up now.


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