21 April 2008

Our week-end away

Quentin and I finally went away this past week-end. We stayed at Monateng Safari Lodge, which is a mere 23km outside of Pretoria, and 80km away from home, without any detours.

And I say without detours, because, driving there, we did not quite follow the map, and made a couple of detours, including a very expensive U-turn*.

Once we left Pretoria, we drove through fields of gold, and were finally greeted by the welcoming gates of the Lodge. The staff at the gate reception were incredibly friendly, even though we arrived almost an hour early. This gave us time to go and have a drink at the bar while they finished preparing our chalet.

The seating outside the bar area was just spectacular, looking out over the green valley that makes up the resort.

Our chalet was a beautiful, elegant six sleeper (far too big for just the two of us) that was modern enough to be comfortable, but without the clutter that would take away the holiday feeling.

Friday evening, Quentin and I spent the evening chatting over some wine, and made some very long-term decisions for our family. These decisions will probably make the rest of the family very happy, and will be revealed in due time. We made these decisions while walking all over the resort, playing chess and laughing at the hares - who come out at night only, it would seem, so we could not take any pictures of them.

We didn't go on any of the offered game drives, but still managed to see some buck, guinea fowl, wild cats, birds and, of course, the hares.


Some more pictures:


It is good to be home, but we are also planning our next holiday :)


* This is what happens when one takes the wrong high way, and can only turn around on a toll-gated bridge.

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