21 April 2008

Big skies and muses

The husband and I spent a lovely week-end away - our first holiday in almost eight years, and our first holiday alone together - under the big African skies.

I used the time away to bond with the husband, but also to reconnect with my muse. It is amazing what some time out of the rat-race can do for the soul.

There is no better place than out in the country to find inspiration for stories, especially stories about Africa, or with African themes, and I think I have outlined the story I want to write for NOVA (tentatively called The Last African).

I have also decided to put Adam on hold for a while, and focus on finishing the second draft of Frank first, as well as write the The Last African. I also started some other short stories over the week-end. These are short life snippets, rather than pure fiction. I may fictionalise them, or use them as blog posts for writing exercises.

I had many dreams - probably due to the over-dose of fresh air - many Frank-inspired (including a possible new ending), some involving Neil Gaiman and a couple that will be woven into stories in the near future. I just have to know... how do writers go on holiday?

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