23 April 2008

I love feedback

I think I have found a beta-reader - someone outside my usual circles, who may just be honest enough without having ulterior motives. I sent chapter one of the first draft a while ago (before the second draft was born), and he gave some very good feedback.

So, once I finished the second draft of the first couple of chapters, I sent him chapter one and two, and he finally gave feedback today - after two weeks of making me sweat!

I have sent off the next two chapters for his reading pleasure, and he promised to give me more formalised feedback - telling me, especially, what he liked and, possibly, what didn't work for him.

I think I am ready to work on the next two chapters again - I have had a good break from writing in general, and have spent a lot of time thinking about the path the story is taking now. Now, I can put away the procrastination hat and do some serious writing again.

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