8 April 2008

From the ridiculous to the... oh wait, it stopped at ridiculous

Harare - Zimbabwean police said on Monday they had arrested seven election officials for undercounting votes cast for President Robert Mugabe in the March 29 presidential poll.

"There are seven people who have been arrested in connection with irregularities in the presidential poll," police spokesperson Wayne Bvudzijena said.

"We're still investigating, but we have established that there was deflation of figures in respect of one candidate ... the Zanu-PF presidential candidate (Mugabe)," Bvudzijena said.



Should have known that the hope surrounding Zim was just a cruel April Fool's joke. The reality is is that nothing has changed. This does not bode well for the already struggling South African economy.

Democracy is letting out its final breaths, it will be dead and buried by this time next week.

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