6 April 2008

Busy bees

The Bruwers have been busy this week.

Actually, it started almost two weeks ago, when Quentin wrote his first MCSE exam (and passed). I wrote my first exam this past week (and passed too).

The study bug has bitten in full force now. Our aim is to complete the 2003 MCSE by September/October of this year, and write the upgrade exams to 2008 not long after. And even Quentin, who is not particularly fond of studying, is pushing for us to meet this deadline.

There are many reasons for us studying now. Of course, it is a work requirement for both of us to be certified, so it makes good sense from that respect to do it. But it will also open many doors for us in the future, doors that we will need open if we were to follow our plans.

We went to visit my mother and brother yesterday for lunch while Eskom decided to loadshed our neighbourhood. While there, my mom and I had long animated discussions about the various options in our plans. She was particularly pleased, I could see, when I told her that Quentin has made moving to the Cape an option - if our overseas plans don't quite pan out - to run our own little IT company from the Riversdal area. I know that, for Quentin, staying in South Africa is still first option, I am sure we can compromise somewhere.

Sinead is still on school holidays. It is always difficult to keep her entertained over the holidays, especially because most of her friends are single-parent children, which means they mostly spend their holidays with their other friends.  We also bought her a copy of the The Sims 2 last week-end, which has had her absolutely hooked. She has doing some beading projects, which keeps her away from her computer for a short while. But she is so completely hooked on the Sims, that she keeps forgetting to even take pictures of her beading projects.

We went for some fresh air today. Quentin and Sinead rode their bikes while I walked, and it felt good to get the blood moving again. On our way home, we passed an estate agent's sign that had obviously blown over. The arrow was pointing downwards, so we joked and said that Hell was for sale. This had Sinead in stitches all the way home. Unfortunately, I decided I was carrying enough weight as it is, and left my phone at home, so not pictures, sorry.

Speaking of pictures, all the abstract pictures I use in this blog are photos that Quentin took with his camera phone. I think they are just so gorgeous, and add a nice touch to otherwise bland and boring entries :)

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