18 June 2006

Vista and games...

So far, I have tested Sims 2 (+Open for Business) and Need for Speed Most
Wanted. The husband tested Call of Duty 2 and Crash Day.

Sims2 was dog slow the first time i loaded it up. Even changing the
resolution to 800x600 did not help a little bit. A couple of hours went by,
and i thought i would give it another bash. This time round it performed as
i am used to it performing, and i could even pump the resolution up to
1024x768 (where i have been playing all along). I created a new family,
built them a new home and even managed to get them to whoo-hoo a couple of
times :)

NFSMW was a little slow - not unplayable, but there was a notable speed
difference. It is not terrible that i will not play again, but the husband
might feel different (as this is his favourite game).

Call of Duty 2: this game only works if you run it as an administrator.
Other than that, it ran fine. Some of the graphics had distorted colours,
but most of the time, it ran fine.

Crash Day: this is a brand new game, and we have never run it on any other
platform than Vista, so we cannot compare performance. But, it played, and
there was no noticeable jerking or stuttering.

I think I will now try Age of Empires III. We pretty much realised, from
trying ourselves and reading online reviews, that there is absolutely no
point in installing F.E.A.R (although, considering the performance of above
mentioned games on only 1.25GB of memory, I am tempted to plug in our memory
stick, boost the memory of my machine, and try the high-end games now).

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