18 June 2006

Office 2007

I haven't really played much with Office yet, but i have noticed a couple of
things so far that i think i like.

Of course, Outlook is my new BFF. And it is not just because of the RSS
reader, or the images with the contacts, or even the new lay-out of the
toolbars. The To-Do Bar is one of the best new features for a busy geek (and
normal people who are busy too, come to think of it).

I am not really an Excel guru, because i don't really use it much, but the
little bit that i looked at looked great (and excel-peasant friendly).

I know i have opened Word, but again, i haven't paid much attention yet
(it's been week-end, damnit, which means play-time). I think i like the new
tool bars, which is compact, easy to use, and confusing at the same time J

Tomorrow, i get my copy of Microsoft Expression Web Designer, and then, my
suite is complete J

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