17 November 2005

microsoft roolz, yo!

just come back from the SQL 2005/Visual Studio 2005 launch, and it was

many of the features of SQL i saw at Tech-ed in 2003, but it was nice to see
the final product in action. i cannot wait to start playing.

VS impressed me. everything i hated about VS.net (2003) has been rectified
in the 2005. i also like the fact that there is now an express edition, so i
can use VS legally before saving up to buy it.

at the beginning of the presentations, Biztalk 2006 was mentioned, and we
saw about 30 seconds of it. i would have liked to see more, hopefully there
will be another presentation soon focussing on BT.

now we wait for Vista to arrive, and, of course, Office Live.

the food was good, as always, and, as always, i pigged out a little. the
entertainment during breaks was allright, but afterwards, Prime Circle
played *bounce*. i finally got to see them live. it was cool.

was also nice to see some familiar faces, and some old collegues.

i was amazed, however, to note that about 90% of the audience was white
males. i really would have thought that the ratios would have changed by
now. i guess those were just the ones lucky enough to get out the office for
the afternoon.

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