2 September 2014

6 months on

A short six months ago I started my dream job. And yet, it feels like I've been at this for years. I really cannot believe that it has only been six months. But then, I've been busy.

In the past six months, I have

  • visited a bunch of different cities and a bunch of different customers
  • made a bunch of new friends, not just locally but internationally too
  • attended a crud-load of training, both online and in person
  • taken a truck load of photos
  • read a bunch of books

And it has been a little unreal. My brain feels full all the time, and I honestly cannot remember what it was like to work at my previous employers. I also only vaguely remember the stress I felt before. I am not saying I don't have stress now, but it is very different stress, and mostly, the kind of stress that I am good at dealing with. And while it is taking me a bit of time to get used to the travel – well, the being away from home part of the travel – I am happy that it means I am able to read again. I have read more books this year than I have probably in the last ten years.

Here's to the next 60 years...

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