16 November 2013

A Day in Windsor

As we are both big Lego fans, we decided to try and include a visit to a Legoland as part of each of our travels. So, when we visited the UK, we had to include a trip to Legoland Windsor.


Our journey to Windsor started at Paddington Station, where we took the train to Windsor and Eton station via Slough. From there, bus shuttles run every 20 or so minutes – you can check the scheduling and pricing on their website.


The resort is beautiful and looks out over the Windsor valley, with the Castle in the distance.


My favourite store was the Lego Star Wars store, located right at the beginning of the journey through the resort. Be sure to walk through the whole exhibition for a wonderful experience.


A walk through the resort takes you on a meandering pathway through various worlds, from Vikings to Egypt and beyond.


The other big attraction at Legoland is the mini land, with presentations of various famous landmarks and cities. Many of the presentations also include some animations, so be sure to press every button and keep a close eye on each item in the presentation.


If you have some spare time after visiting Legoland, be sure to visit Windsor itself and Windsor castle too.

We visited the parish church while walking around, which dates from 1822. The church has some beautiful stained glass windows, and many tributes to lost loved ones.


Windsor Castle is the official residence of the Queen and the largest occupied castle in the world. If you can spare around £20 per person, you can take a leisurely tour of the castle and gardens. We happened to, coincidentally, visit Windsor Castle the day that prince George was born and there was much excitement in the air.

The castle and gardens are beautiful. We also wandered through the state rooms, but were not allowed to take photographs inside, which is really a pity, and the amount of history crammed into each nook and cranny of these well, stately rooms was overwhelming. It was also near neigh impossible to take photos without tourists in the way, but here are some of my favourites.




Mandy Southgate said...

It looks like so much fun! I definitely need to visit Windsor one day - it looks so green with fantastic view and, of course, !castle!

Vanessa Bruwer said...

I actually can't believe you haven't been. It is well worth the trip out, and there is so much more to see too - I would like to go back, definitely.

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