22 November 2013

22 of 30


Astera Compositae
For you I'll be a dandelion
A thousand flowerettes in the sky

~ Einstürzende Neubauten – Blume

I really do love the camera on my phone, especially for shots like these.

We got some good news this week. Our bank approved our extended loan for the renovations, which means the project is a go, probably to start mid to late January 2014. We can, however, start looking at tiles and taps and all sorts of things, which is going to be so much fun. We have some interesting spaces to make decor decisions about, and we still need to decide on colours for certain spaces too. I am really really really looking forward to having a brand new bathroom (never been used) and a nice new (never been used) big kitchen with loads of cupboards and storage and counter space, all at my height*.

I am contemplating doing a Grand Design style journal of the project, but I am not sure I can convince myself or my family to make videos, so I think I may just take loads and loads of photos and document the project that way instead. Ok, yes, right, I will document and keep track of the progress here.

* we’ve found that, generally, the counters in kitchens are slightly lower, and so we all have to stoop to use them, resulting in poor posture and back ache. We asked the kitchen company to raise the height of the counters by 10cm, so that we don’t have to stoop any more.

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