25 February 2013

Monday 19:02

One of the biggest lessons I learnt in the little bit that I have travelled is that, in order for people to live together, we need to have a couple of rules and keep to them. exterminate-1So you, you stupid mofo who thinks you don’t need to indicate when you turn your oversized beamer in front of other traffic, you’re an ass. And you, you stupid little man who thinks it is ok to drag a full sized trolley into the basket queue and then feel offended when someone takes you on about it, you’re a fucking idiot…

I am not a big fan of humans right now. In general, they piss me off, make me sick and generally annoys me. There are individuals that I like and some that I even love, but as a collective, they should really just be exterminated.

In other news, it looks like we may be starting the next leg of our adventure towards the end of April – this will be confirmed in due time. I wish I could say this leg would stretch across the ocean, but for now it will just be to another suburb in Jozi. I am looking forward to a change of scenery.

And now, for a duck.


In 30 days from now, we head off to Cape Town for a couple of days, and in just 143 days, we’re off to the UK and Germany for a bit.

And now, here’s a cat:


1 comment:

Emm in London said...

That makes it 140 days now, right? Awesome. I can't wait to see you. I do wish you were moving over here so just because I haven't openly torn my shirt and beaten my chest over it doesn't mean it doesn't make me sad. One day...

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