2 December 2012

Sunday 9:22

DSC_0189I can feel the end of year fatigue kicking in. This really has been an interesting year, with many many changes but also many challenges, arguments and fights, all leaving me feeling more drained than usual. The last thing keeping us in this limbo is our house, but hopefully that buyer will come along soon.

I’ve been mulling over many things recently. Like the stupidity of the human race in general and politics and stuff. I am annoyed at how politicians use people and resources as if they are kings. I am annoyed at how most people just sit by and sigh and say they can’t do anything about it. And I am frustrated with how one is bound to a geographic location simply because you were born there.

It is only a month to my 39th birthday. I think I have pretty much made peace with the arrival of 40, especially considering I still mostly feel like I am a 12 year old boy. Is this that second childhood that they talk about then?

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