12 September 2012

I aitn’t dead

funkycoldmedinaI’m still alive. Hopelessly behind in blogging, even though I have been taking pictures – will catch up over the next day or so, at which point this blog post will probably seem slightly out of place and redundant. But it is ok.

I have a couple of things on my mind. We are finally ready to sell our house, and have started interviewing estate agents (realtors). It is blood-sucking stuff, but we should be in a position to appoint an agent by the week-end, and then the fun really starts with show days and strangers in our home. But is for the greater good.

Still in many different minds about what comes next. Do we buy another house? Do we rent for a bit? Do we pursue our dreams of living in Europe now or do we wait for our daughter to finish high school (she only has three years left)? What is happening to our country? Will Zuma have another term in office? Will Malema start a civil war? So many many questions, and no single answer.

I’ll post some before and after pictures of our house over the next couple of days too while all this other stuff mulls around in my head.


Emm said...

It is so hard to read these posts and be objective. I did read it week ago (I always read them) but what could I possibly reply? Yes, please, please, please move to europe, whether it is London or Germany, I don't care. (Although I think I might have another London-obsessed person in my corner, especially after next month). Even if you moved to Germany, it would just be so much easier to see you and we could meet up in France, in Germany, in London or even across the continent. I know there are other concerns at heart. I know how hard it was to move and our biggest concern was a menagerie, never mind a teenager with school to think of. But that's my input. Nothing would make me happier than to have you here.

Vee said...


If someone offered me a job today, I will be there tomorrow.

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