5 August 2012

Sunday 1:58


I’ve started baking again. I think it is mainly because baking keeps me busy. I keep thinking I need to find a hobby, and then I realise that I have many: reading, building lego, baking, travelling, blogging, planning our travelling, tumblr, twitter. Yes. Ok. I know this feeling. I may be slightly manic. I need to release the excess energy. So, I bought a bike today. Actually, correction. We attempted to buy two bikes today. We were quite happy to pay the shelf price for both bikes. But, the price scanned wrong (to shorten a long tale), so we got one for free. So, we bought bicycles today. Hopefully that will help with getting me through Spring and the highs it brings. But, in the mean time, I will continue to bake.

Another way I keep myself sane is planning adventures. We’ve been talking recently about our next trip, and kept toing and froing about Comic Con. And then I did the pricing, and it simply worked out more than we were prepared to spend. So we looked, again, at Scandinavia, or possibly a Germany-France trip, or maybe a France-Italy trip. And, as much fun as all the pricing, etc has been, none of them felt right. Then we decided that we will be going to Wacken again next year, and every year thereafter. So that will be the big trip for next year. That, and a week or so in the UK with my friend Mandy. That means I have more time to learn about Norway, Sweden and Finland, and can plan a proper adventure for 2014. Oh, the plans may change again between now and then, but it keeps my mind busy with harmless activities when it needs to take flights of fancy.

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Emm said...

Exercise has been vital for me in helping me weather the highs and the lows. I'm trying to walk at least half an hour each morning but sometimes take longer walks in the evening. Of course, it helps to not have a car!

I also find planning helpful too. It helps me feel grounded and as if I have something to aim towards.

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