28 July 2012

Saturday 07:25

Honestly, I am tired of winter. But really, we have another month to go and then it is spring. Will survive.

Completely and utterly obsessed with Blind Guardian at the moment. And still can't stop listening to Ensiferum. But listening to both right now is a little hard too. See, it is almost time for Wacken again, and we're not going this year. We're also not going next year. The next time we will tackle the trek to Wacken will be in 2014 for the 25th anniversary.

But, if all goes well over the next couple of days, I will start planning our next trip: Comic Con 2013 :)

Because planning trips is all part of my bipolar survival guide.
And the bipolar is a little strong again at the moment.

I think we've finally decided that it is time to sell our little house, so there will be much painting and gardening done over the next couple of weeks to get the house ready to go on the market early spring. Finally. And the packing mania kicks in.

Bah. Sorry. My life is kinda boring. Next time, I will add unicorns.

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