4 July 2012

186 of 366

Apparently I looked terribly stressed today, so my family got some emergency Lego today. It was a fun quick build.

But, to be very honest, I am not stressed right now. I have some frustrations, but life is a happy place right now.

A couple of years ago, I discovered a little piece of software called Opalis, and not long after, Microsoft bought the company and I saw it in action at a tech conference. I fell in love, head over heels. I immediately phoned my boss and asked him to change my job spec to include this little program, somehow. Finally, two years later, this is part of my reality and I am having the time of my life :)
And I am still in love, even though the name has changed to Orchestrator. Because this is more than a crush.

And yes, I do fangirl a little for this product and its gurus.

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