10 June 2012

Sunday 9:25

Funny old thing, this life thing. It keeps happening, regardless of what you do. So, it has ripped the carpet from under my feet a little again, but I guess that's to be expected. I was way too comfortable anyway with my overseas holidays and tech purchases and investments and things.
So we start over. And maybe this is the opportunity we needed to make a big change. The Big Change.
I am ever so cryptic again. It is to protect the innocent. But, in a nutshell, without spilling too much, the husband is going through what I went through earlier this year, with a slight twist. And while we will easily survive this, it changes some stuff. And these events, and the person who caused the situation has provided some good material for the story I am not writing.
I really hate stating the obvious, but it is cold outside. In fact, my weather gadget thingy tells me it is -1 outside, with a realfeel of -10 (centigrade). This means it is colder today, here, in 'sunny' S.A. than it was in Salzburg earlier this year when we visited. It was a balmy -2 there that day, with the Alps clad in snow. And, I am sorry to say, our houses simply do not protect us from this weather. Yes, I know, first world problems.
I think today I will go buy some blankets to donate.


Mandy said...

Sorry that husband is experiencing such problems. When all is said and done, our final push was our careers and escaping the certain heart attacks that our careers were leading to there.

Vee said...

It is so hard when you're a workaholic and your career causes you pain, but we're trying to focus on the opportunities this can present instead.

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