27 May 2012

Sunday 7:39

Have a lot of things bouncing around this skull this morning.

Like freedom, and how easily it is lost. And how sad it is when those who fought hardest for it find it so easy to forget what it cost. I cry cry cry for my beloved country, where the presidential penis receives more attention (and money) than the millions of starving children in our country.

Like star stuff. We live in exciting times, and it is still my belief that, in my lifetime commercial flights to the moon/Mars will happen. I plan on living for a very long time :)

Like happiness. Life is short, really, and we should not waste a moment. I do not subscribe to the 'hang in there, things will get better' school of thought, because you do not know how much time you've got left. Telling me things will get better in 6 months from now may actually have a very different reaction from me. Pursue happiness now, and do not accept mediocrity or misery as status quo. And look, before you think I think life is a bed of roses, I don't. It is hard. All life is suffering. But, you can still make the best of it. And if you see someone doing something that increases the general shittiness of life - either for yourself or those around you - speak up and end the shittiness. Do not allow evil to grow. If each of us could stop one evil seed to grow, the world may actually turn out to be a better place.

And then, there were kittens and chocolate and rainbows and ponies and unicorns and candyfloss trees, and they all lived happily ever after.

The end.

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