26 May 2012

I am writing

It started with a dream. An odd dream, in which I was captured by tea traders and held as a tea slave along with Katie McGrath (her of Merlin fame). And so, a new story was born.

But, I notoriously struggle to find time to write, as the traditional sit down in front of type writer/computer and write every day just doesn't seem to work for me. I do, however, spend a fair amount of time waiting for people/things, and this is time I could use to write. But I don't always have my computer with me. I do, however, ALWAYS carry my phone. So, it got me.thinking about ways I could write using any platform, and at any time retrieve what I have written.

I tried Evernote previously (nanowrimo 2011), but it just didn't work. In fact, it corrupted so quickly that I lost most of the story and my will to live.

Then I realised that I already have such a platform that abuse almost daily - blogs. I have created another blog, set it to private and voila, I have a writing space. And I have been writing.

I will probably do the same thing with previous WIP, and see if that makes the edits/rewrites easier too.

1 comment:

Mandy said...

Oh no. I never knew that about Evernote and your Nanowrimo experience last year. Having lost a typed draft of my thesis when the power went out as I pressed save, I can only imagine how soul destroying that was. Oh no!!!!

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