20 May 2012

Full circle

I was sitting thinking this morning about this blog, it's lifecycle and it's various incarnations over the years. Odd to think I have been blogging in one way or another for over 14 years now, and using this domain for 12 years.

In the beginning, there were very few free blogging hosts, and we had to make do with the likes of Diaryland (or is that Dairyland?) and - oh gods - Geocities. By the time I registered this domain, my little net addiction had led me to a new career in IT, and, as a sideline hobby, I picked up a little bit of coding knowledge and wrote my own website. I discovered the joys of Blogger's Blog this kinky, which allowed me to quickly publish articles and thoughts, and integrated that with my own website - because blogger allowed for a self-hosted option where it would FTP the bits you published to a server of your choice. I worked at a ISP/hosting sp at the time, and arranged for a staff web server with *cough* no selfish motives whatsoever.

When I changed jobs, it was time to find a new host. By this time, blogger had evolved into what we know today and I no longer felt like maintaining code, so it made sense to move the whole enchilada here.

I have had some difficulty in the blogging arena recently. Not because I have run out of things to say, but because I have been too conscious of what I say and where. One of the drawbacks of gaining years, I suppose. Also one of the drawbacks of multiple platforms. Too many tools, not one of them a hammer.

The main purpose of this post was to try out yet another new tool, yet another android blogging app. Guess I got carried away, which means this tool feels comfortable in hand and may lead to future use.

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