31 May 2012

For the love of chocolate

IMG_20120513_103851I think it is no secret that I love chocolate, that I run on chocolate, and that the world is in serious trouble if it gets between me and my chocolate. So imagine how happy I was when I discovered that I could also bathe in chocolate, and feed my skin chocolate, while being kind to the environment.

I don’t normally endorse products for any reason on my blog, but the Body Thrills team is running this fab competition where I could win enough chocolate to feed my skin for quite some time, and since the products are just so fantastic that I am happy to give some public love.

The Chocolate Pudding shower gel is rich and super chocolatey – and it looks good enough to eat. In fact, the first time I bought it, I read the ingredients and thought it would be good enough to eat, much to the amusement of my family who watched me foam chocolate at the mouth. My skin is very sensitive, and I am unable to use most products I have tried – including most of the handmade product ranges – but Body Thrills is so gentle with my skin, while leaving it happy and healthy and smelling like chocolate for hours afterwards.

The chocolate body butter is a perfect companion, and, while also not edible, makes you smell like you are edible all day long while leaving your skin soft and smooth without the grease.

And of course, both products are filled with lots of good things that are also good for your skin like peppermint and cinnamon, and they won’t pile on the pounds, so you can indulge in some chocolate without feeling the guilt. And best of all, the products are Vegan-friendly.

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