12 April 2012


The first couple of days of our holiday we spent in the Bremen region, and spent a day walking around with a (mostly) native showing us around this beautiful old city perhaps most famous from the Grimm brothers fairy tale.


When we visited in 2011, we visited at the end of Summer, so everything was still green and lush. This time round, we visited in early Spring and the difference was visible in the parks.


We walked around and saw just so much. Beautiful doors and wonderful architecture, fresh food markets and flower markets in the middle of the business district, modern and old living happily side by side and a beautiful river flowing through it all.


We got in by train. The main station is lovely, but can be quite busy, so be sure to know where you’re going.

There are trams and busses that cover the city and run very regular – we just happened to walk across the city instead, as there is so much to see. You can comfortably walk from the main station to the old city and to the riverfront, where you can have lunch at a large variety of river-facing restaurants. Be clear when you order – we had a small incident over lunch where the waitress didn’t quite get our order right, and insisted that what she brought was what we ordered. Treat yourself to a Spaghetti Ice Cream afterwards.


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Mandy said...

Such great photos! Now that I've gotten over my fatigue, I'm really missing Germany and wishing I was back! I can see how you fell in love but why didn't we stay longer???

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