5 February 2012

Sunday 08:00

I am counting down to so many things at the moment, like:

  • 2 days until Sinead’s birthday
  • 24 days until the end of the month and a major change in my life (details later)
  • 45 days until we leave for Germany
  • 55 days until our anniversary (17th, can you believe it)


I am not going to panic. No, really. I will not. Lots of time for everything.

I think I may have mentioned before that Sinead’s 15th is freaking me out ever so slightly. I mean, 15 is halfway to 30. It is 5 years away from 20. And 3 years away from 18. In 2 years time, she can start driving. And she is already older than I was when I started doing all sorts of things I would rather not even think about her doing. But she is awesome, so I don’t think I need to worry too much.

imageI finally booked our Visa appointment for the trip this morning. Not cutting it fine at all. Not leaving it for the last minute. Nope. Not me. Why would I want myself to panic about such little things?

And, as you can see from the little weather insert here, the weather in Germany has finally turned to Winter, so it means we really need to look for winter clothing to take with. I went looking at some wintery clothing yesterday, and I think we will be ok. Thank goodness for shops like Cape Union Mart that actually caters for those who travel to other climates. Also a bit shocking when you compare the current Joburg weather with the current Munich weather. But I am hoping that we get to experience a bit of real winter, with snow and stuff, you know.

And rather than thinking about all the changes about to happen in my life, I keep wondering what the world will be like in 30 years time. I am not sure why 30,  but I have been fixated on this for a couple of days now. 30 years ago, I was 8, and the world was a very different place. Geographic borders were different: Germany was still 2 countries, Russia still one, and SA looked very different too, and that’s just to mention a few. Technology was still in infancy, and much of what we use today was still science fiction. You know. The world was different. In 30 years time, I will most probably be a grand mother, and I am sure the world will be a vastly different place. I wonder about the technology we will use then, and will we finally have a colony on Mars? Or will we be slaves to alien overlords? Or possibly to the machine? Why must my brain become obsessed with such complicated things and then get stuck in a loop which ends up consuming all the serotonin and leaving me dead for a couple of days?

DSC_0104In other news, I finally found a Darth Vader mask yesterday, and a light saber. Sinead was kind enough to demonstrate the awesomeness of it almost immediately.

World, beware, as the Bruwers will be using the force in excess for the forseable future – and having a lot of fun while doing it Smile


Mandy said...

We can celebrate our anniversaries together!!! Ours is the 29th March!

My advice for bad weather? Thermal vests, pants and socks. Boy we missed socks yesterday.

Vee said...

Oh, that is awesome!

Thanks - will stock up on all of those.

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