21 February 2012

As an aside

Something happened recently, I am not quite sure what, but I suddenly found myself Cumberbatched. I did not think it was possible for anyone to displace my teeny little crush on Petri Lindroos, but gnnngh… that voice.

As you were.

Still enjoy looking at Petri, and watching him play. Oh gods yes.

I think my heart is big enough for many fandoms Smile


Mandy said...

Cumberbatched - very apt term. I quite liked Watson myself but then Martin Freeman stole my heart in The Office.

feimineach said...

ha! I don't get it. I know lots of people who are dying about him but he's not for me. It could be that I hate his Sherlock (excellent portrayal but a thoroughly dislikeable character).

Vee said...

It's the voice :)

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