21 February 2012

52 of 366


[Picture taken at the entrance of the St Petri Dom in Bremen, Germany]

My mother-in-law came for a long-overdue visit this week-end, and we spent a fair amount of time going through the photos from my trip to Vegas and our trip to Germany from last year, which got me all nostalgic again.

But luckily we are on our way back to Germany in a month’s time. Only a month. Yipes.

Now, dear reader, you may have noticed that I, after many many years, changed the name of my blog from “I dream in words” to “For the love of life”. I did this for many reasons, but mainly because I have decided to celebrate life and the beauty of the world around me as I experience it, both in my every day life and in my flights of fancy. And, of course, I haven’t been writing, but rather been capturing the world around me in sights and sounds, rather than words.

I am sure I will write again, but, for now, I am living. Filling the bucket. Working through the bucket list. Whatever you want to call it. I call it life.

So, here’s to life. l'chaim.

1 comment:

Mandy said...

:) You should buy a Chai. :) I think I used to wear one sometimes. I'm no sure if it was me or my mum. My mum definitely wore one but I think I may have too.

It looks like this: חי

It is strange, that symbol would suit my outlook on life so much more now.

My mum often remarks that I see things she never even knew were there. I agree - you have to see the world around you. You have to notice every last detail, especially if you are planning a change soon.

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