7 January 2012

7 of 366


I spent the afternoon building Lego (and taking photographs) and it was good.

I am secretly having a small panic, because, in 74 days time, we are on our way back for another visit in Germany, and I am worried that I may run out of time. Of course, we have bought the plane and train tickets already, and booked the hotels, so most of everything is covered. However, this time we are travelling with my daughter, so there are some other considerations. I need to ensure that, while leaving flexibility in our schedule, I don’t leave too much to chance. Of course, her visa requirements are also slightly different, so we have extra paperwork to conjure up.

We are also, finally, preparing to put our house up on the market. So much to do, or so it seems. I honestly cannot see our house being on the market by the time we leave, so we will probably take a bit more time with the finishing touches, and then put the house on the market when we return.

I am rather looking forward to seeing the German Spring, and to see how my daughter experiences the country. The differences between the two countries is so vast that I cannot articulate them adequately.

Big dreams, and the plans to make them real have been set in motion. The next 18-24 months are going to be incredibly interesting.

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