16 January 2012

16 of 366

The walk up to the office.

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Mandy said...

Hmmm. I miss the greenery and pretty office parks in South Africa. I have no inspiration to take my photo today! I'll see if I spot anything photo worthy in Covent Garden later.

Vee said...

@Emm The current office park is particularly beautiful, and one of the reasons I got a camera phone in the first place. I take pictures there so often, I should post them more regularly.

Mandy said...

:0) I'm trying an unofficial photo a day on my Tumblr. I like that I can post straight from Instagram to Tumblr, it is fun for now. But I can't get much more committed than that!

Vee said...

Been enjoying your tumblr photos. It is so nice to see everyday things in other countries.

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