31 December 2011

Musical reflections

According to my Last.fm scrobbles, my music for the year as follows:

Top 5 Artists:

  1. imageApocalyptica
  2. Korpiklaani
  3. Ensiferum
  4. Kaizers Orchestra
  5. Saltatio Mortis

This is quite a fair representation of the music that moved me this year, and the artists I consider my favourites at the moment, with Moonsorrow receiving special mention and Turisas receiving the favourite new find of the year mention.

Top 5 Tracks:

  1. MoonsorrowUkkosenjumalan poika
  2. EnsiferumToken Of Time
  3. EnsiferumWarrior's Quest
  4. ApocalypticaHall of the Mountain King
  5. KorpiklaaniHengettömiltä hengiltä

To be perfectly honest, I expected different tracks in the top 5, other than Ukkosenjumalan poika, especially from Apocalyptica. Tracks like Beautiful or Faraway (radio edit) that I listened to on repeat for days. But I blame a technology failure for this – for a large part of 2011 I was using a Symbian-based mobile phone, and the scrobbling was iffy at best.

But, Ensiferum’s Token Of Time was, along with Twilight Tavern, the songs that I listened to most often when I needed a bit of happy. Korpiklaani saved the day on a regular basis, and Apocalyptica swept me away. And a special mention should go to LumskI trollehender and Turisas - To Holmgard And Beyond for being made of pure awesome.

And my musical highlight of the year? How could it be anything but attending Wacken, and seeing Apocalyptica, Ensiferum and Moonsorrow live.

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