26 November 2011

Saturday 7:52

23112011115It is really hard to type with a cat on one’s lap, especially one demanding love immediately.

I got flowers this week, completely out of the blue.

In less than a month, we will be at the coast visiting my mother. Really looking forward to some mommy-time. And some beach time.

We have almost saved up enough money for our next trip to Germany, which is planned for March 2012. Unfortunately no music festivals planned for the next trip, but the plan does include Legoland, which will make up for the lack of music. And our daughter is going with this time.

23112011118I am not sure why, but the end of year syndrome this year feels worse than ever before. I am exhausted. If I did not have the trip to the coast to look forward to, I would probably be sitting in the corner rocking by now.

And I completely failed at NaNoWriMo this year. I really started off all inspired, and the story is still lingering, but I am simply too tired and drained to even think about the words. I know I will still write the big novel one day, but I realise that it probably won’t happen until I stop working in an industry that I love and that uses up all my creativity in so many different ways.

I am very grateful at the moment for tofu ice cream and non-lactose chocolate. Not so grateful for living in a country where the government has forgotten its purpose.


Mandy said...

I totally relate. Seth has finally realised humans have a use beyond feeding and opening doors for him. We can scratch him behind the ears all the time and it totally works if he sits in your top pockets while exercising our duty towards him.

Strangely enough, I don't seem to feel that end of year exhaustion here. It is not as hot, which my be a factor, but people are more likely to take just one it two weeks off, leaving the lingers holidays for the summer.

Mandy said...

Sorry for the typos! My fingers are cold!!!!

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