11 November 2011

A few of my favourite…


I love cover versions of songs. Especially alternative covers of mainstream songs, or super cheesy songs. Super cheese covers are also awesome. But I think my favourite are the unexpected ones – like Type O Negative covering Britney Spears. These are my current favourite covers:

1. Voodoo King Fu – Sweet Dreams (are made of this)

There have been a couple of covers of this song, but this is my absolutely favourite. It has an otherworldly quality which only Voodoo Kung Fu could achieve.

2. Turisas – Rasputin

Turisas is a recent musical discovery and I think I have a little musical crush on Turisas at the moment, I love every single song I have heard so far. And this must be the most fun cover I have heard in a while – it makes me happy each time I hear it, so I keep listening to it over and over.


3. Fferyllt – Lai Lai Hei

Simply love this  wonderful cover of one of my favourite Ensiferum songs.

4. Van Canto – Wishmaster

Van Canto is another fun musical crush, and this cover of the Nighwish classic is nothing short of fabulous.

5. Pomplamoose – A few of my favourite things

I discovered Pomplamoose via my daughter, and then discovered this little gem when I did the 30 day song challenge. So pretty. Not an inch of cheese here.

Special Mention: OneClipLeft’s cover of Friday

Because everyone needs a version of this song. And OneClipLeft actually made this song tolerable, and almost fun to listen to Smile


Emm said...

Cool! I have never heard of most of those bands, original or cover, so I'll have to take a listen at my PC tonight.

Happy Violeta Violeta II day!

Vanessa Bruwer said...

Oooh, let me know what you think :)

Happy (belated) VVII day :)

The Rugged Gamer said...

Hey, thanks for including my video on your list! It was a lot of fun to make, and like you said, everyone has to have a cover of that song :)


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