30 October 2011

Sunday 13h09

IMG_0040Another Sunday in bed, yay. I think this is #8. I really hope my chest recovers soon, because it sucks not being able to even laugh without a coughing fit.

But, on the up-side, I have been able to really catch up on reading and watching and even a smidge of blogging too.

I may, however, be completely bored out of my mind. Or even slightly delusional, believing that, somewhere out there, there is this wildly exciting life being led by others – I see the pictures on Facebook - while I consume vast amounts of media and hold my chest together with sticky tape and lactose-free chocolate.

I did buy a super-awesome humidifier for the bedroom yesterday, which does seem to be helping a bit. I think it looks like a cross between a cylon and R2D2.

So, I am counting down days until I see my mom again. 55, thanks for asking. This year, the family and I will be travelling the long road at someone else’s mercy and I think it may actually be a lot of fun. It is a 17 hour bus trip, during which time we can read, chat and even walk around, and, when we arrive, the husband will be as rested as the daughter and myself. Sounds like a much better deal than him doing all the driving and us being cramped into a relatively small vehicle.

The question of ethical eating has been very much on my mind recently. It has been almost 2 years since converting to vegetarian, and it sometimes feels like the next logical step is going Vegan. My reasons for going vegetarian was mostly heath, but there is also a component of ethics to the choice. For this reason, I have stopped wearing clothing with animal products, and have tried to ensure everything I eat is free of dead animal bits, like gelatine. I have always made sure that the products we use around the house are friendly to the planet and that they haven’t been tested on animals. So, of course, the next step is to think about where the other animal products, such as milk and honey, come from. My body seems to have decided in any case that I am not as lactose-tolerant as I used to be, so avoiding dairy products have become a necessity, and I have never really been fond of eggs – other than in baked goods – but a vegan diet is even stricter than one would initially think of. So many store-bought products include eggs or diary, even in small amounts, so suddenly one has to consider what goes into every day items like pasta. And then you start digging even deeper, and you start realising that you need to avoid certain items like food colouring. And what you end up with is the conclusion that in order to eat without any one getting hurt, you need to grow everything and make everything you eat from scratch. The question for me is nowhere near an answer yet, but I think the question is also where do you draw the line?

Of course, I have long held the belief that we should be testing all this crap on prisoners, rather than animals, but 99.9999% of the human race disagrees with me, unfortunately.

I think it is time for something completely different.

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