3 July 2011

The Big Build of 2011: A wall is born

Our wall build project is finally finished.

When we started this project at the beginning of the year, we had a vague image of what we wanted, but never thought it would turn out this beautiful.

As a reminder, this is what the front garden looked like before we started the project. The garden was lovely, but the wall, not so much.


The wall is finally finished, and all the trimmings, including our new numbers, are up. We were quite specific with some of the trimmings, and chose these beautiful LED lights recessed into the wall for down the driveway:


We chose a lovely blackberry colour for the outside, as well as the pillars and tops on the inside.


The last touch was the addition of our beautiful, hand made numbers.


I am not sure if I would ever tackle such a big build project again while living on the property. While the builder we used was absolutely wonderful, such a project still causes a lot of disruption in your day to day life and a vast amount of dust in the house.

Next up, we need to redo the font garden Smile

1 comment:

Emm said...

It looks so smart and swanky! Can't wait to visit!

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