3 July 2011

Beautiful things are beautiful

I have spent just about the entire day watching Apocalyptica videos on YouTube, particularly the songs from the latest album, 7th Symphony, and find it so hard to choose a favourite out of so many beautiful pieces. But this one does something to my heart.


Makes my fingers itch for a pen and my brain long for my muse. And in only 32 days time, I will be on the same festival grounds as these absolutely masters, and will finally have the opportunity to experience the music as it flows from their magnificent instruments.

I do also think I may have a small crush on the entire band, but in particular, Perrtu (thank you Wikipedia for the picture)


I think the excitement for Wacken has finally kicked in. I am hoping that my muse also enjoys the trip, and we both return with words to weave the stories that currently haunt my dreams.


Mandy said...

You are going ot have the most incredible, amazing time at Wacken! I'm not surprised the excitement is kicking in!!

Vanessa said...

@Emm: thank you :D

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