9 January 2011

Sunday morning 10:22

First post for 2011. I still find myself amazed at the fact that we are in 2011. Considering that I’ve grown up in the 80s, 2011 still sounds like a Sci-fi date – so why don’t I have a flying car yet?

But, we do have the Kinect. And every time I play, I feel like we are on the verge of having our very own Holodeck – maybe we do live in Sci-fi times.

Yes, indeed, the family got a Kinect over the holidays. We also bought a new Xbox, so that my daughter’s Xbox can be hers alone (and it moved into her bedroom). We also bought an Optoma HD20 projector, which really is a beautiful beast that allows me to watch movies at home while getting that cinema experience. I think I am in love. And this is where the holodeck experience comes a little bit closer.

Here is my ever-willing model showing off the screen size Smile


As part of my ongoing quest for improvement, I also bought the Your Shape: Fitness Evolved game for the Kinect, and am absolutely loving it. Of course, I must add that I only really used it for the first time this morning, but in a few short minutes I burned just over 100 calories (which I am told is important) We’ve also had massive fun playing Kinect Adventures.

2011 holds some interesting prospects for me. I am finally leaving the country as well as the African continent this year, not once but twice! First, I am off to Vegas for MMS 2011 in March. Then, the husband and I are off to Germany in August for Wacken.

The husband and I finally braved the queues at the Home Affairs office in Edenvale yesterday morning to apply for our passports, and were pleasantly surprised. Gone is the doom and gloom that used to hang over a HA office. Instead, we entered a brightly-lit, well-ventilated happy place filled with friendly and helpful staff and, lo, technology. We were in and out in under an hour, and sommer applied for new ID books too. Very, very impressed.

Have I mentioned that we are going to Germany for Wacken? It is just about all we think about at the moment, and I am sure we are driving others nuts too. Look, don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to going to MMS. Big event, first time leaving the country, Vegas, industry leaders, all that stuff. Yes, I am excited. But I am also just a little bit scared. I need to wait for the passport to arrive, so I can get the visa sorted. And first time leaving the country, and I will be by myself. Well, look, obviously I realise that there will be other people on the plane, and lots of people do this every day, but I was kinda hoping that my first time leaving the country would be with the husband. But things don’t always work out the way we kinda hope they would, right? Anyway, I’m going to Vegas. Bright lights, big city. Gonna be awesome.

But Wacken… that’s something different all together. 3 days of music and mayhem, and I get to see a couple of favourite bands live on stage in another country. Something I’ve only ever dreamed of. So we bought our tickets late in December, and it seems we were just in time, because 2 days later, apparently, they were running out of tickets fast. I’ve had to change our itenerary slightly, as the husband has decided he will give the Nurburgring a skip – now, instead, it looks like we will also visit the Netherlands and France for a day or two. Unfortunately we’re not going to make it to the UK in this trip, as it is yet another visa application. But my daughter has already decided that we will be visiting the UK in the near future, as she needs to visit Cardiff, amongst other places – yes, her life depends on it.

Oh, look, it is 11:20. Time to go do something else. Happy New Year Smile

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