22 January 2011

Dreams, Wacken and Vegas

‎"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
— Eleanor Roosevelt

Dreams are wonderful things. And I am not talking about the pictures your brain conjures while you are sleeping. No, I far prefer the dreams you dream while you are awake.

And 2011 it would seem is the year where some of our dreams are coming true.


Our Wacken tickets arrived this morning, finally. Now it is more real than real, because, up to now, it has been a bit of a dream. A wish. A far-away place on the other side of a forgotten cupboard.

We have changed our itinerary a little. The husband, shortly before the end of 2010, decided that he no longer wants to visit the Nurburgring during our trip. Instead, he suggested that we turn this trip into our very very long overdue honeymoon*

So, our trip now as follows:

Fly out at the end of July, and spend 3 days in Hamburg, before we hop onto the Metalbus for Wacken. 3 or 4 days in Wacken, and then back to Hamburg for a day. From Hamburg, we will hop on the train to Bremen to have lunch with the husband’s cousin, and then we head off to the Netherlands for a couple of days before we return home. The route looks something like this:

View Directions to Amsterdam, The Netherlands in a larger map

imageI am also incredibly fortunate to be attending MMS 2011 this year in March, which means I get to visit Vegas for 5 days. Vegas has always been on my list of places I’d like to visit – even though I don’t gamble at all – and I am quite excited for this trip. More exciting, of course, is the fact that I’ll be able to speak to all the MVPs and industry leaders in my field, and hopefully make a couple of new ‘friends’ in the process.

Dreams are wonderful things, especially when you have worked really, really hard at making them a reality.



* We’ve been married for almost 16 years. When we got married, we were but kids, with hardly a cent to our name, and didn’t really have the opportunity to go on honeymoon. Since then, life has been a roller-coaster, and we have spent many, many years trying to get into the green, which we finally achieved last year.

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